I am mainly a photographer based in the Washington DC Metro region, originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. I have been in the photography industry since 1995, earned a consolation prize in 1998, and won an honorable IPA award in 2018. I have taken part in over half a dozen group exhibits and held two solo shows. I went to Pathshala South Asian Institute of Photography, Montgomery College, and the Corcoran School of Art and Design for formal photography education. At Corcoran School of Art and Design/GWU, I earned a Master’s Degree in New Media Photojournalism.

Telling Story through visual media, particularly photography, has become a popular way to introduce the invisible reality of happenings, which may be a chilling story or pleasurable moment of mankind—witnessing incidents and side by side feelings of the truth is not cliches. However, conflicts with my own feelings on images for witnessing anything to bring them to the light for the common good have rejuvenated my purpose. Day by day, human lives have come to the core of virtually every crisis. A photographer is often compelled, knowingly, or unknowingly, to step into all such circumstances without involving any sides. There is no alternative other than being a spectator and capturing a fraction of time in graphic mechanics for photographers to introduce to the broader audience.