The trilogy of devotee, devotion, and deity emerges as a form of energy that is known as Godliness or Krishna Consciousness. In certain circumstances, the devotion of a pure devotee becomes such a passion that the devoteeā€™s consciousness entirely sublimates into Krishna Consciousness with the bursts of bliss.

Through these photographs, I have attempted to depict the spiritual aspect of Krishna Consciousness and bring a feeling of connection between devotees (You) and deity (Lord Krishna).
However, it is inevitable that specific challenges test your devotion.
Who is Krishna?
How would it like to feel godliness or Krishna Consciousness?
Are you willing to inform your friends and families who do not know about your experience of spirituality or Krishna Consciousness?
Would you invite them to the Krishna Consciousness movement?

I hope this karma-action brings Krishna Consciousness to everyone.
If any religion separates the people, then the religion is worthless. April 2016