Undeniable Protests

Participating and organizing in protests is a vital part of practicing Democracy. After Trump has taken over the white house, a growing number of political protests are taking place in every country. Against Trump’s and his cabinet’s toxic fumes, a number of nonprofit, social justice groups, and individuals have organized protests. Numerous protests have taken place at airports and other locations in the DC metro region. Several marches that symbolized opposition to Trump’s entire regime and their attitudes led demonstrators to believe that America was heading in the wrong direction, and as a result, anti-Trump protests have never ceased. Many rallies were staged, with colorful messages and slogans. Among them, a few Trump supporters marched in DC, despite the fact that the city was facing more serious security threats.

From Trump’s inauguration to a 33-day government shutdown in mid-2019, much of his administration’s policies and concerns have been raised as protest points, leading to organized demonstrations.