Zen, 4X5 and Ansel Adams

Zen is not exactly a philosophy, and at the same time, many consider it is just to be. Beyond any religion, doctrine, thoughts, theory, and law, Zen is a realization that can experience through an individual. Art should be the most straightforward, according to Zen, and maybe it is the intrinsic characteristic of the aesthetic piece. Zen suggests the essence and eternal quality of the object, a complete art before someone sees it. Zen indicates that an object’s nature and everlasting quality is an exclusive art before another sees it.

It is utter where words do not form interpretation, so I took a picture of the right moment of nature happening. That is not what I would like to reveal, but the truth of a tiny period of a moment is what I strive to see through the 4X5 view camera. Besides that, the past and the consequence that materialize my never developed feeling in the real nature never clarifies. There is not an answer to the facts in Buddhism.

My understanding and this entire duration of this semester were exceptional when opposed to other people. There was no recognition and rejection of what I did and what I have made for that reason; it felt the same intensity because my real feeling was apparently not attached to my photography. Following Ansel Adam’s monochrome landscape, my photography was rejuvenated from past to present during the semester. This semester, my impressions have become a confined regeneration of my emotions as vivid lighting, and even it is a gray colorwork.
My sensations of a photo taken are the primary two ends of the zone structure and other middle grays, and my inspiration propelled me toward what I did. If I was on a challenging course, the tougher one to dissolve myself had to be selected. At those points, my victories were not significant problems than what I had accomplished the whole semester.